BB Whatsapp Download APK Latest Version 2023

BB Whatsapp Download APK Latest Version 2023 is a new version of the famous application. This app has been created by the company which developed and launched the unofficial WhatsApp bb in 2023. This application has become very popular because it offers many features that other apps cannot provide, such as group messaging, voice calls, videos, and picture sharing among other things.

BB Whatsapp Download APK Latest Version 2023

BB Whatsapp Download

To download the app, you can visit the official website of BB WhatsApp and follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Download App button. The next page will prompt you with a link where you can download either the Android or iOS version of this app (depending on which operating system your device runs). Note that it is not possible to download an older version of this application from its website as it has been updated too frequently in order to keep up with Google’s new policies regarding ads on apps such as WhatsApp Messenger, Telegram Messenger, etc. which means there won’t be any existing versions available anymore once these policies take effect within 12 months time frame after the launch date (JAN 18th, 2023).


What is BB Whatsapp?

BB Whatsapp is a free messaging app for Android that has a modified version of WhatsApp. It’s more feature rich than the original WhatsApp and it’s also lightweight. The app has an inbuilt browser, so you can send videos, images, etc directly from your phone to anyone who uses BB Whatsapp.

BB Whatsapp is faster than the original WhatsApp because it uses less memory on your phone and reduces battery drain significantly when compared to other apps like Facebook Messenger or Skype which are heavy on RAM usage (memory).

Is there any restriction to using this app?

There are some restrictions to using this app. You should know that the app is not available in all countries and, therefore, you will not be able to use it if the country in which you are located is in one of those countries where WhatsApp is not available. In addition, there are some other restrictions as well:

  • You can not use this app if you are under 18 years old (or over 18 but under 25). The reason for this restriction is that WhatsApp BB does not allow minors to make payments using their credit cards or bank accounts; therefore it does not allow them to purchase goods or services from anyone who sells them through his/her account by using their phone number as a payment method. Therefore if someone wants their child’s information so he/she can make purchases from other people on the Facebook Messenger platform then he needs permission from parents before doing so since they might get confused later on whether they should buy something online with their own money after seeing some ads pop up on screen which says “buy now!”

Advantages of using BB Whatsapp over any other version

BB Whatsapp is an Unofficial version of WhatsApp that comes without ads and is much faster than the original app. It also has no in-app purchases or subscription fees, making it one of the best messaging apps for Android users.

Disadvantages of using BB Whatsapp over others

The disadvantages of using WhatsApp BB Download over others are:

  • It is not as fast and official as other versions.
  • It has a lot of bugs.
  • It has a lot of ads.
  • It is not as secure as others

Permissions needed

BB Whatsapp Download will be asked to grant the app access to your internet, contacts, location, and camera.

The app also requires permission to use your microphone:

  • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – Allows an application to write files onto external storage (such as an SD card).
  • READ_PHONE_STATE – Allows the application at any time for reading phone state. This is used by Google’s Android system for detecting when a user has unlocked their phone and then unlocked it again so that other applications can detect when they’re ready for use again after being asleep/in another room etcetera).

How to Use BB Whatsapp

Download the BB Whatsapp app from the link below, install it on your device and open it. Now you can sign in using your mobile number, and enter your name, nickname, and profile picture to create an account.

Now you can chat with your friends and family members through this app

The article is about why you should use it and how to use it in a safe way

  • Why should you use it?
  • How to use it in a safe way?


In short, BB Whatsapp Download is an amazing app that can help you stay connected with your friends, family, and colleagues. It’s also a great way to keep in touch with people who may not be as accessible as others. The only downside? You have to pay for the privilege!

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